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Here I Am!

Having spent the past 6 years enthusiastically researching Cuban history and the history of US-Cuban/Latin American relations both as an undergraduate and graduate student, I am currently spending a year on the island.  While I take advantage of my time away from ¨state-side” academia, conducting my own field work throughout the island, I hope to gain a better understanding of the country and people that I have so grown to love.  This is the purpose of my blog.  I will not discuss politics, ideology, or the merits-or utter lack thereof- of the continued embargo.  Instead, I hope to provide an analysis of life and cultural values on one of the world’s most beautiful islands with a complex and fascinating history.  Here, you can expect to gain insight on music, art, music, theater, food, travel, family values, community interactions and various other topics that highlight the human component of a country most US Americans associate primarily with the Castro and Kennedy brothers or I Love Lucy and The Godfather.

I am of the strong opinion that the average US American knows very little about Cuba and Cubans, and I hope to change that with this blog.  By researching and sharing information about a myriad of cultural events, traditions, and aspects of daily life, I hope to inform my readers on topics that interest them and are relevant to their own lives, wherever they may be.  Certain cultural practices are transnational occurrences, and I hope through the sharing of cultures we may begin to build a bridge between our two nations that have been too long separated.

While I will not discuss politics in my articles, I do hope (perhaps naively) that my work here can cause a spark among more of my fellow citizens to promote change in policies and practice that have caused such tension for these many years.  I will scatter suggested books and articles- written by authors and historians far more knowledgeable on the matter than myself- throughout these posts, for any readers interested in broadening their knowledge on the history of Cuba, and of Cuban and US relations.  I implore all of my readers to think critically and base your opinions on Cuba on current fact and not residual memories and politically-charged rhetoric.

The world has changed in the past fifty-some years…that’s all I’m sayin’…

On the streets of Viñales


2 thoughts on “About Catherine Lynn Scott

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  2. Katie,

    Some great observations! I haven’t read it all but I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I’ll keep up. Have fun!

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