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Taza for a shot of Cuban coffee Taza for a shot of Cuban coffee

More than a simple caffeinated beverage, coffee in Cuba is a tradition, a cultural right, part of the Cuban identity. Every region of Cuba has its own method of coffee preparation and characteristics that define “the perfect cup”. The quality of the beans also ranges, from “trafficked” beans fresh from harvest on the mountains roasted in country homes, to sub-par mixed beans rationed at the state-run bodegas and the highest quality Cubita and Serrano blends available in the specialty stores and tourist spots.  Regardless of the quality or preparation method, coffee is a staple in Cuban daily life, from the vital morning shot before work to the mid-day energizer or the sharing of café cubano with guests…always with a healthy dose of AZUCAR!

Cubita ground coffee sold in a Havana store Cubita ground coffee sold in a Havana store

What makes Cuban Coffee special?

Historically (read: before the Revolution), Cuba…

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